Andriy Artemenko offered to lease Crimea out to Russia: MP and his plan

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His plan calls for a nationwide referendum on leasing Crimea out to Russia for 30-50 years. After this period authorities would conduct a referendum in Crimea monitored by international bodies, on which the question of the peninsula would be finally solved
12:29, 21 February 2017

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MP from the Radical Party Andriy Artemenko offered the US a peace plan for Ukraine and has already incurred the wrath of the party leader Oleg Lyashko, the ambassador to to US Chalyi, and many Ukrainian politicians. We decided to recall what Andriy Artemenko is known for and what his plan is.

Biography: from blue-collar to People's Deputy

Andriy Artemenko was born on January 14, 1969 in Kyiv. He received a degree in systems engineering at the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 1993.

From 1987 to 1989 he served in the Soviet army. In the early 90s he worked in Belgium as raw skins washer, cucumbers collector, and later - a shift supervisor and de facto manager of a farm with 400 people in submission.

Later he used earned in Belgium money to found the Christa company in Kyiv, which carried out export and import operations with raw materials for light industry.

In 1994 Artemenko at first time went to the United States, where he attended the International sports business courses. In 1996, he established the First legal club lawyer’s association in Ukraine - the structure, which was engaged in legal support of athletes, as well as their employment abroad. His clients were Klitschko brothers, Andriy Shevchenko, Serhiy Rebrov and Oleg Luzhnyi.

In 1999 Artemenko headed CSKA football club (Kyiv), on the president’s post of which he remained until 2000. It was rumored that such post he received under protection of Ihor Bakai – the Naftogaz head during Kuchma’s presidency.

Artemenko came in the politics in 1998, after getting acquainted with Olexander Omelchenko, with whom he founded the Yednist party. He was an adviser to Omelchenko, when Olexander became mayor of Kyiv.

In spring 2002 Artemenko was arrested and held in prison for more than two years. In the Internet you can find the information that he was suspected of multimillion dollar frauds with transfers of football players of FC "CSKA Kyiv" and illicit enrichment in amount of $ 4 million. According to People's Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko, Artemenko had an offshore company with accounts in Latvia, which CSKA signed a contract with. For the use of players CSKA transferred money to the offshore company.

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According to Leshchenko, Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor Kudryavtsev have intervened in Artemenko’s  case, thus contributed to the return of the case for additional investigation into the prosecutor's office of Kyiv, headed by Renat Kuzmin. In October 2004, Artemenko was released on bail, and later all charges against him were removed. In 2006 he was elected a deputy of the Kyiv City Council, where he headed the Batkivshchyna faction. Subsequently he joined the majority of Chernovetsky.

Since 2007 Artemenko created a number of companies that are engaged in freight and military logistics. From 2008 to 2012, their main activity was the support and maintenance of weapons and military gear in "hot spots", for special operations.

During Euromaidan Artemenko at the invitation of his former colleagues from Batkivshchyna faction came to the headquarters of the National Resistance on the second floor of the House of Trade Unions. Then he joined the Right sector, occupying the post of Dmytro Yarosh’s financial manager.

In the early parliamentary elections in October 2014 he took place in the Parliament as a member of Radical Party, headed by Oleg Lyashko, being the 16th number in the list.

Artemenko is married, has four children and one grandchild. His son Edward Daniel and daughter Amber Katherine have US citizenship, and another son Vitaliy - Canadian citizenship. Artemenko is the founder of the charity fund, which helps IDPs with children.

Relations in the US and "bet on Trump"

Judging from the media content, Artemenko managed to acquire some important relations with US citizens having become acquainted with personal attorney of Trump Michael Cohen and Trump's former adviser Felix Sater. According to Artemenko, for a long time he had discussed the theme of war in Ukraine with the Americans, even at the stage of the primaries, when very few people believed that Trump will be even the candidate. It looks as Artemenko is almost the only among Ukrainian politicians who bet on Trump rather than the Clinton and pre-established relations with his team.

The resonant Politico article about Ukraine's interference in US elections reported that Artemenko personally invited Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA Valery Chalyi to meet with Trump team, but his idea was rejected. Therefore Artemenko took the role of "savior" of the Ukrainian-American relations and invented the peace plan between Russia and Ukraine, which includes the removal of sanctions from Russia. This plan he allegedly gave to Cohen, who left the paper on the table of the National Security Advisor Flynn. Artemenko himself emphasizes that in the preparation of the plan was involved the whole inter-factional group of deputies, whose names he prefers not to make public.

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As Artemenko said in his comments to Strana edition, his plan calls for a nationwide referendum on leasing Crimea out to Russia for 30-50 years. After this period authorities would conduct a referendum in Crimea monitored by international bodies, on which the question of the peninsula would be finally solved. Donbas would be returned to Ukraine, at the same time its authorities should approve the amnesty to all, except those who have committed the most serious crimes. The border comes under the control of Ukraine, but before that all who want could leave Donbas territory in 72 hours.

Then we should conduct a nationwide referendum with the question of the special status of Donbas, constitute the fund for the revival of Donbas, and different states would pay to this fund. Russia should pay the fees for the lease of Crimea. After executing this plan sanctions against Russia would be removed, and its relations with the Western countries would be restored.

In addition, the plan envisages that Ukraine becomes officially a neutral state. It is not allowed for it to enter into any of supranational unions - neither NATO nor the EU nor the Customs Union. Plan also  provides the refusal of the Minsk agreements and move to the United States-Russia-Ukraine trilateral format. Although discredited Flynn has resigned as adviser to Trump, Artemenko assured that his plan will not be ”swept under the carpet."

According to Artemenko, along with the peace plan he provided Americans with a compromising materials regarding the president Poroshenko:  it’s bills from the National Bank, regarding Ukrainian defense industry, funds transferred to offshore companies of Poroshenko and his friends. "What I did it for? These materials could contribute to the holding of early elections to the parliament and the change of power.”

The leader of the radicals, Oleg Lyashko already called Artemenko to refuse his mandate, calling the plan discreditation of Ukraine.

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