Amoklauf in Germany: Koran vs. Albert Camus

Author : Mykola Murskyj

Source : 112 Ukraine

Fear is gradually becoming a dominant component of German politics, and it prevents from rational thinking
10:57, 1 August 2016

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The fear. Shortly after Friday night's first shots took place in the north-west part of Munich city center, life in the city stopped. The people were feared of an alleged organized group of militants who are preparing terrorist acts in several points of the city such (as in Paris).

Several hours of suspense have passed. It turned out that the killer was 18-year-old David, who committed suicide. He was not connected with the Islamists; he had a German and an Iranian passports, but he was born and brought up in Munich. Relief… It is not the French scenario, and this is not a terrorist war. It happened a few days after the attack against a teenage Afghan passenger of the Würzburg train.

But two days later, another attack took place. This time, in a Turkish pub in the city of Reutlingen. And then, 27-year-old Syrian refugee blew himself up in Ansbach. Fortunately, without casualties. The police believe that it was a classic terrorist attack. The three attacks in a single weekend. All of them happened in German’s richest land of Bavaria, which in recent years has taken the largest number of refugees from the Middle East.

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Germany has faced simultaneously with the radical manifestations of religious extremism and terrorism of Breivik’s style. One attack is fueling the other one.

Surprisingly, the police did not find found "Mein Kampf" or the Koran in David’s room. They have discovered "Manifesto" by Anders Breivik and the book "Amok in the head: Why students kill." The latter tells about the death of fifteen pupils as a result of the massacre at a school in Winnenden. As it turned out, David made a special trip to this small town (three hours from Munich) to learn the details of the tragedy and to make a few photos of that place.

The German pressed labeled David "Amoklaufer in Munich" (obsessed from Munich) emphasizing that the explanation of his actions should be sought in the circumstances of the life in Germany, not in the Iranian passports. And these circumstances, apparently, mean that despite being born and raised in Munich, it has not felt right at home.

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"I am a German" – this is the main refrain, under which the boy shot the passers-by; most of the victims were migrants and refugees from Turkey and the Middle East.

This story could be subjected to psychological researches, but the situation is much more difficult than it could seem. Obsession is acquiring the features of a subculture. It goes beyond the school. The police do not seem to understand what to do about this. And finally, the notorious Islamic extremists have learned how to use the "achievements" of depressed adolescents.

"Cultural clash" took place in the town of Ansbach, in the north of Bayern, where 27-year-old refugee from Syria blew himself up at a local restaurant. It is highly symbolic that it happened two days after Munich. The hint is clear: this horror will never end, and jihad will benefit the horror. And German officials assure that in this case it was a deliberate extremist.

Another coincidence must sweep away the last doubts: one of the US military bases, an eternal target of terrorists, is located in Ansbach.

Western political science is not able to rationally explain the motives of the organized fundamentalist groups; often it is even more difficult to rationalize the actions of those terrorists who work alone. A possible hypothesis is that the private terrorism - this is not a radical conservative revolution, not an attempt to go back to the roots, old ideologies, and religions. On the contrary, it is a rebellion against the hypocrisy of the modern world, based on individualism.

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The rebels are just like implement the plot of ‘The Stranger’ by Albert Camus, in which the hero kills the first comer for no apparent reason. In fact, the crime seems to be the only opportunity to change at least something in your own life.

Private terror in German society reveals many things: work of the security services, integration of adolescents of different ethnic and religious groups, and Andreas Lubitz the co-pilot who deliberately crashed his Germanwings flight killing half a hundred people.

We are witnesses of the politicization of all these events. German media call on its readers to keep calm, and instantly start spreading the turbulent moods. This time, it is not about the Islamization, but about coming of the far-right forces to power. They suggest unification as a mechanism of fighting against this evil, and complex processes that cause a wave of terror and growing far-right populism, recede into the background. Fear is gradually becoming a dominant component of German politics, and it prevents from rational thinking.

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