American intelligentsia against possible Kremlin’s intervention in US politics

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The goal of Committee to Investigate Russia is to help Americans realize the seriousness of Russia's continuing attacks on US democracy
11:55, 22 September 2017

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In the United States, the investigation of the actions of the Russian Federation is now being carried out not only by Congress and special services, but also by representatives of the American intelligentsia. A group of caring people, led by famous 70-year-old film director Rob Reiner, set up its own committee, which aims to highlight possible Kremlin’s intervention in the democratic process and US domestic policy.

As the director noted, apart from him, one of the creators of the Committee to Investigate Russia was the senior editor of Atlantic, David Frum. Notably, Frum is also known as the author of the upcoming book Trumpocracy: Corruption of the American Republic. As you can already guess from the title of the work, the journalist is not a supporter of the current US president.

Committee's website indicates that the newly created organization is a "non-commercial and non-partisan resource". Its goal is to help Americans realize the seriousness of Russia's continuing attacks on US democracy. Thus, the creators of the project believe that their main obligation is to gather all relevant information in one place for the convenience of users, to provide a so-called context and to allow people to see a full picture of what Russia has done and will do if the Americans do not pay more attention to its actions.

"For generations, people have fought for our democracy, now it's our turn," the creators sum up.

It should be noted that the work of the committee is also supported by the famous actor, Oscar winner Morgan Freeman. In particular, he became the face of the organization, presenting its promotional video.

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The actor draws an analogy between Russia's actions and the screenplay, where the KGB agent dreams of avenging the collapse of his homeland and becomes the president.

Freeman offers viewers to imagine how in the post-Soviet Russia this avenger builds his career, using chaos and confusion, and after becoming president, establishes an authoritarian regime, and then targets his sworn enemy - the US.

"As a real KGB agent, he secretly uses cyber warfare to attack democracy around the world, he uses social networks to spread propaganda and disinformation, he convinces people living in democratic countries not to trust the media, politicians and even neighbors," the actor continues his story, but immediately makes an unexpected turn. "This spy is Vladimir Putin, and this is not a screenplay."

From the promotional video of the organization Freeman calls on US President Donald Trump "to openly talk with the people and tell the truth."

The video ends with the statement of the actor that the free world counts on US leadership and the country must fight for its democracy. "For 241 years our democracy was an example and a source of inspiration for the whole world, and we have a duty to the brave people who fought and died for our great nation and saved democracy. For the sake of future generations, we are obliged to continue their work. Join Committee to Investigate Russia. Join our struggle," Freeman sums up.

Since the creation of the project (September 19), short notes on some publications in American editions devoted to the "Russian trail" surrounded by Donald Trump began to appear on the organization's website. For example, at the time of this writing, this was a clipping from Washington Post of Jennifer Rubin’s opinion about the Kremlin's interference in the US election process and Trump's reaction to it.

The Washington Post

In addition, four more sections - "Key Figures", "Investigations", "Timeline" and "History" are being updated.

The first section contains all the known information about politicians involved in the Russian-American conflict. It is noteworthy that one of the subsections also contains information about political figures in Ukraine. In particular, about the former president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and businessman Dmytro Firtash.

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“Viktor Yanukovych is a Kremlin-aligned politician who became the fourth President of Ukraine from February 2010 until February 2014 when he was removed from power. He currently lives in exile in Russia and is wanted in Ukraine for high treason. Paul Manafort worked for Yanukovych until the latter was run out of office. Yanukovych hired Manafort to make over his and his party’s image, but Manafort also spent time in Ukraine influencing government decisions regarding agriculture and oil exploration and courting side deals with Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs. On August 14, 2016, The New York Times reported Ukraine’s newly formed National Anti-Corruption Bureau found handwritten ledgers showing $12.7 million in cash earmarked for Manafort from Yanukovych’s party dating from 2007 to 2012. Investigators believe the ledgers are part of an extensive illegal payment system but have not determined whether Manafort ever received the money. His lawyer claims he did not,” as said in the message.

Section "Investigations" contains data on who and how is connected with intervention of the Russian Federation in the democratic process and domestic policy of the United States. "Timeline" provides information on all Kremlin's actions against the United States (timeline of hacker attacks, which are attributed to Russia). According to the organization, cyber attacks have been actively applied by Moscow since 2013 and continue to this day.

The last mentioned section is dedicated to the history of Russian-American relations. The organization also provides alleged goals of the president of the Russian Federation. In particular, it is alleged that Russian interference in the elections in the US is his personal revenge on the Americans for the numerous actions that the Russian president perceived as hostile (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia joined NATO.

It should be noted that Committee to Investigate Russia does not have its own content on its site.

Remarkably, the statement of the American intelligentsia and its draft could not be overlooked abroad. Ukraine has welcomed this initiative, because this is evidence that the US is seriously working on President Vladimir Putin, his entourage and connections. But Russia believes that the US continues implementing “the zombie program”.

By the way, Kremlin called Morgan Freeman "a victim of emotional overload." "Many creative people easily fall prey to emotional overload without real information about the real state of things. They become victims of such emotional exaltation; continuation of McCarthyism," said Press Secretary of the Russian President Peskov.

According to him, Moscow does not believe that this is a threat. Peskov also noted that the Kremlin does not intend to react to Morgan Freeman's statement seriously.


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