American establishment battens on the money of Russian oligarchs

Author : Lilia Shevtsova

Source : 112 Ukraine

There is more and more information about the infrastructure that allows legitimizing Russia's funds in the United States
18:46, 20 November 2017

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The long-standing dream of the Russian elite has come true! Russia managed to demoralize part of American establishment. It is not Trump's "conspiracy" with Putin. One can understand the American Democratic Party and the journalists who continue to repeat this mantra: one must somehow explain how in the White House was a demagogue with a flickering consciousness. We are talking about a more serious process: the Kremlin's attempt during the presidential campaign in the US to entertain hacking provoked consequences that could affect the functioning mechanisms of both the American and Russian elites. It seems that this fact is only beginning to be realized on both sides of the ocean.

The investigation of the "Russian trace" in the course of the American elections, conducted by a team of independent prosecutors, opened floodgates, from which a flood of long-accumulated mud poured in.

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In short, it began with the search for a "Russian trace," but turned into a discrediting of the American establishment. And we are talking about enrichment through contacts with authoritarian kleptocracy. The wave, raised in the US, will inevitably come to Europe, where those who did the same as their American counterparts froze in dismay: they cut coupons by servicing corrupt regimes. The reasons for the unrest are justified: 29 European governments have already demanded to disclose the names of anonymous property owners in their countries.

There is more and more nformation about the infrastructure that allows legitimizing in the US (and in the West as a whole) the funds withdrawn from Russia. This is an impressive amount - about a trillion dollars (according to the National Bureau of Economic Investigation of the United States), withdrawn from the country after the collapse of the USSR. Observers suggest that half of these funds, if not more, just settled in America. This infrastructure includes hundreds of lawyers, businessmen, politicians, experts and journalists who are engaged in servicing Russian rentiers. Over the decades of globalization, the Russian elite has managed to form a solid base for a comfortable existence in the West. In turn, the Western lobbyist leviathan, interested in corrupt Russia, which has become for a source of enrichment, creates a favorable international environment for the Russian autocracy. This mutual dolce vita would continue for a long time if someone in the Kremlin did not come up with the idea of "damaging an American" without thinking about retribution.

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Prosecutors decided to start with the sources of welfare of representatives of the American elite, in contact with the Russians. The task is clear: to find a contact between financial interests and political dirt. The emerging landscape shows the omnivorousness of the American establishment, when it comes to money. The head of Trump's electoral staff, Paul Manafort, who got into the mill of the cleaners, gutted former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych by $ 75 million, while not forgetting to relieve Oleg Deripaska's wallet for $ 26 million. The former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn milked the Turkish budget, taking from Russia Today a small amount - 45 thousand dollars. How many manaforts are on the maintenance of the Russian elite, do they lobby the interests of the Kremlin? That is what US prosecutors are trying to find out.

"Paradise Dossier" with new offshore diversions, which enables prosecutors to deal financially with US Treasury Secretary Wilbur Ross and Jared Kushner with Russian companies (Sibur and Novatek) and Russian oligarchs (Gennady Timchenko, Leonid Mikhelson, Kirill Shamalov, Yuri Milner). This is just the beginning. Everyone who is interested in this topic is waiting for the implementation of the US Congressional Sanction Act of August 2, 2017 on the promulgation of American property of the Russian ruling elite.

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Regardless of how far the American machine of self-purification is going, the US political class (even the part that is involved in servicing Russian rentiers) will label Russia. And those who, like Ross, are involved in cooperation with structures close to the Kremlin, will label Russia especially selfishly. How else to clean up your reputation?

The model of the survival of the Russian autocracy through the use of the United States in two hypostases - as an enemy to justify military patriotism within Russia and as a channel for the introduction of the Russian elite "to the West" - begins to collapse. The paradox is that the Russian elite, which is comfortably settled in the dollar dimension, turns out to be dependent on the state, which it presents as hostile. You can only imagine what kind of flour this elite is experiencing! What should it do? Sell all the profits in the US and run? But where? To Russia? Lock yourself in Russia and create second North Korea? What should it do: go for a deal with American justice, with the political or intelligence agencies of the United States? But it means to be constantly "crocheted". However, the Russian elite with its real estate and deposits in the United States has long been "crocheted." The new thing is that the Americans ceased to be indifferent to this phenomenon. Until recently, the Russian system successfully used Western "hypocrisy" in its interests, now is the time when the US has the opportunity to take advantage of the hypocrisy of the Russian elite, seduced by the benefits of dollar civilization.

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Vladimir Putin at the APEC summit in Vietnam said he was ready to "turn the page" and called for "harmonious relations with the United States". This is precisely what the revolted Russian ruling class is dreaming about, knowing what price to pay for its yobbo style. But alas, for Trump in a situation where Russia became the reason for the purge of "American stables", any new "reset" of relations with Moscow would become a political suicide.

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