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Author : Mykola Murskyj

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Serhiy Pozdnyakov: Spring is the best time for climbing the roofs
18:22, 25 July 2016

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Andriy Royuk

Four years ago, 22-year-old student Serhiy Pozdnyakov has got into one of the Lviv roofs for the first time. Since then he has seen Lviv from different local belfries, roofs, Opera, and attics of the abandoned factories. At first, the boy discovered those places alone, and later he joined the community Explorer.Lviv.Ua, which explores the abandoned buildings, dungeons, and other non-tourist places of the city.

"I like exploring something unknown: old factories, caves, roofs, and attics... Spring is the best time for climbing the roofs. When you reach a high peak and see this picturesque view, you usually feel a mixture of fear and some enthusiasm," says the roofer.

When going to a new outing, Serhiy takes a camera and makes unbelievable pictures of the city and its roofs.

Sometimes the boy fixes truly historic moments.

Each outing is a special adventure for Serhiy.

"Every outing is like a new story for me. And I would like to tell you my favorite one. One evening, my friend and I were walking down the streets; we had a camera and wanted to find some nice place to film. At one place, we were refused due to repair, so we just walked around the city and went to different entrances. Few seconds and we are on the roof, looking at people below. In some time, we decided to climb down, but found that the door was closed. We looked into various lofts and doors – everything was closed. We were in panic. And it was 10-11 pm. Well, we were in luck that there was one of our colleagues who lived nearby, and he ‘miraculously’ found a neighbor with the keys and let us out."

"The other night, my friend and I decided to get on the roof of the brewery at Rynok Square (a central square of the city of Lviv). Few minutes, and we were at the top, a few steps further and we found ourselves on a huge balcony (maybe it was the loft without a roof). We sat there for a while, took some photos, and were thinking about getting back, but suddenly a fighting started in the street, and the police came immediately. We hid and watched the situation through the round window. The police were at the town hall in front of us, and suddenly one of them began staring at me. I did not understand whether he saw me or not, but he was looking at me for a long time, but someone called him, and he left the area.  Later we have successfully got out."

Now Serhiy always cares about his safety.

"I always check the area, think over the risks. Sometimes I do random things; the ordinary people might call me wild and insane, but I am not crazy. I am just trying to overcome my fears."

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