Matriculation campaign 2015: new challenges for Ukraine

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Nearly 804 thousand applications are already registered all over Ukraine, except from Crimea: Ukraine do not recognize the certificates issued by Crimean schools
10:30, 18 July 2015

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July 10 academic selection committees of higher education institutions all over Ukraine started receiving documents from the applicants.

They work tirelessly and consistently to work up the applications of candidates qualifying for bachelor, junior specialist, and master studies. As of July 17, 804,455 applications were registered as it shows a single state electronic database. "

Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv are the top cities with the largest scale of the applications.

The examinations for admission to universities in Ukraine is called External independent testing (EIT). With the support of international and local NGOs external testing system was formed in 2004. Since 2008, EIT is a prerequisite of entry to higher education. "Minister of Education Serhiy Kvit reported that this year 288 977 people applied for EIT in 2015. " More than 4 thousand applications for EIE came from Luhansk region, and another 10 thousand were from Donetsk region. "

The certificates issued by Crimean schools cannot be aground for appliance for Ukrainian universities, as decided by the Ministry of Education. “The applicants with Crimean certificates can study in the universities in Crimea, because these documents are issued by authorities, which nobody recognized,” stated Deputy Minister of Education Inna Sovsun. "

Apparently, the situation seemed to be unfair for those who due to financial, family or other reasons could not leave their Crimean schools and move to mainland Ukraine in order to finish education and get Ukrainian school certificate. In addition, frequent controversies triggered around this issue. Of course, the decision not to recognize Crimean certificates could be evaluated as a violation of basic human right for getting education.

At first glance, Ministry of Education may seem to sanction the Crimean matriculants in a quite rigid way. However, such a decision takes into account not only legal but also political aspect of the issue raised.

Deputy Minister Inna Sovsun commented on this case: “This year school certificates are signed with “Republic of Crimea, Russian Federation”. Ukraine adopted a law “On the status of temporarily occupied territory”. Under this law, any document, which is issued in Crimea, therefore, signed "Republic of Crimea, Russian Federation", cannot be recognized. " To recognize the school certificate means to adopt the occupation of Crimea”.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Education can not recognize any certificates issued in Crimea otherwise it means recognizing of occupation. At the same time, school certificate is an obligatory for accession entering the university.

The problems, which arise with Russian occupation of Crimea, are really tangible, they need to be reasonably approached. From the one hand, Ukraine follows the sanctions against Russia, and from the other, ittries to be permissive andunderstanding. Hence the Crimeans often get into vicious circle of unwanted circumstances.

The education issue is not the only case of such an impasse. Another vivid example is inability to vote on the nearest Ukrainian elections. As reported before, Ukrainian IDPs from Crimea and Donbas are not able to vote in the place of actual residence, as stated during the briefing of the human rights organizations.According to the new law on local elections, person must have a registered place of residence, according to which the constituency and polling are determined. "

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