7 views from Kyiv windows that save children

Author : Ukrainska Pravda

Source : 112 Ukraine

Famous Ukrainians participate in charity photo project "The view from the window"
17:33, 24 June 2016

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Famous Ukrainians are united in charity photo project "The view from the window" the aim of which is to fight againsts children's congenital heart disease.

The project is embodied in the photo book with the works of photographer Maryna Karpiy. Makes pictures out of the windows of the Ukrainian artists, athletes, musicians, journalists, businessmen, and public figures.

All the texts accompanying the photos are written by the project participants.

We present seven stories from this book, but with the other photos.

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Maryna Karpiy

This is my most favorite view of the city, the view from my own window. This is Kyiv, which is always in my heart, wherever I go. Wide, green, big and small at the same time.


Serhiy Kuzin
radio presenter at Radio ROCKS

Hundreds of other windows are looking at me every morning, sleepy and yawning. That is gorgeous. We greet and give a smile to each other.


Sevgil Musayeva-Borovyk
editor in chief of "Ukrainska Pravda"

My house in Crimea stands on a low cliff, followed by a narrow parched river, forest belt, and the field. Boundless and wild.
Every evening, I go to the balcony of my Kyiv apartment and recall my field in Crimea.
I see a playground, a clinic, an ambulance…

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I am like Holly Golightly, who felt safe near Tiffany. Now I am looking for a place which would be easy and comfortable. Like in Crimea..


Lilia Podkopayeva
Olympic champion

I do not always wake up in Kyiv. But I always wake up with the thoughts about a win. I know its taste. And I know its price. Therefore, each day begins with work on myself.
Of course, it is much nicer to wake up and to see the eyes of relatives and loved ones, to see the garden outside your window. But it is not always possible. Then I just close my eyes and recall my favorite view from the window ...


Alexander Roitburd

When I wake up in the morning, in the afternoon or evening, I always see the ceiling. Then I get up and wander around the apartment, I get to the kitchen, drink coffee, thinking about life…
If we talk about the windows, I see Rybalsky bridge, piece of Dnipro, and some new buildings, with creep from behind the horizon, each year more and more.


Oksana Sokolova
journalist, TV presenter

Once I could see a small piece of Dnipro from this window. And it seemed to me that through the centuries I hear the murmur of the Pochaina river, which brought to Kyiv the merchant ships from all over the world.
Now, everything is packed into the asphalt. And from my window I can see the windows of other houses... And a crossroads through which the life of the new age flows. And every morning when I draw the curtains, this crossroad is asking me: "What path we are choosing today?"

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Slava Frolova
public and cultural figure

The man is a wonderful creature. With the power of the thoughts, he is able to change his reality. Of course, it might take long from the moment of the first impulse to final result. But we can do everything.
I was born in a good family, which was not a strong one. And since then, as our vanguard broke and galloped off beyond the clouds, we faced the darkness of Odesa slums. We had the Ilyich lamp, which turned off with each gust of wind.


Well, I had a dream, about which I thought when washing my face with ice water standing over an enamel bowl. Part of my dream was trivial, and other part was sublime. Both of them were born by the movie. I dreamed of a bathroom. To lock the door, like in the movie "Va-Bank," and wait while all the troubles and fires outside go to the end. 

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