5 versions of the mysterious deaths in unrecognized LPR republic

Author : Svyatoslav Bohdanov

Source : 112 Ukraine

September and October were the most eventful months for "Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics"
13:01, 26 October 2016

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Ihor Plotnitsky

September and October this year were for "Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics" the most eventful month for the past year. September 19, was killed by the chairman of the terrorist organization "Oplot" Evgeny Zhilin, 20th. September 24, according to the official version of LPR, the ex-chairman of the "council of ministers" of the republic Gennady Tsypkalov committed cuicide, who was arrested on the eve by the people of Plotnitsky on suspicion of "putsch". October 2, Slavyanoserbsk "commandant" Armen Baghiryan was shot to death in his car. And finally - "Motorola." This is only the most resonant events.

Version 1. The division of spheres of influence on the flow of contraband

September 21 the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine" published a statement of Igor Plotnitsky on the suppression of attempts to "coup" in the "republic." Later Russian portal LifeNews posted statement of DPR leader Zakharchenko that he sent battalion "Sparta" (led by the now dead "Motorola") to support the coup in LPR.  However, in in DPR, according to its "head", there were no riots.

Over the next few days, the media reported that by the orders of Plotnitsky a number of "LPR officials" were arrested on suspicion of organizing the coup. These include: the ex-chairman of "Council of Ministers" Gennady Tsypkalov, deputy head of the "People's Militia" Vitaly Kiselev and "ex-Minister of Internal Affairs" Igor Kornet. Also, wanted by the former head of the "parliament" Aleksei Karjakin.

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Each of the above "official" is not the last place in the life of "LPR", and in the control of "republican" contraband flows between Ukraine and the Russian Federation foodstuffs, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and the like.

In the fall of 2015 Tsypkalov has been accused of plotting against Plotnitsky an organization to seize power in the "LPR". Then he took the side of the minister "MGB LC" Leonid Pasechnik. Last allegedly had a conflict with Plotnitsky of the reluctance of both share the profits from the smuggling of coal in Ukraine. In December of the same year Tsypkalov was even dismissed from the post of "prime minister of LPR."

September 24, 2016 in the media there was news of the death of Tsypkalov. The official version is a suicide. As reported at a briefing the representative of "the general prosecutor of LPR" Sergei Rakhno, Tsypkalov "committed suicide due to the fact that admitted his guilt, and realized that his life is in grave danger because of the information he told investigators."

Another person involved in "rebellion" against the "head of the LPR" is Vitaly Kiselev, known as the "Communist", was one of the leaders of the "people's militia of LPR." According to the Washington Post, while as Tsypkalov was "engaged in" illegal trafficking of coal and gas, his colleague Kiselyov was engaged in contraband cigarettes.

Physically or mentally, but already two of the so-called "smugglers" who overtighten the "shadow blanket" over, Plotnitsky removed from his path.

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Next on the list of "conspirators" was the minister "MIA of LPR" Igor Kornet. According to the portal "Antikor", he exercised control over the supply of drugs from Starobelsk, Lugansk region, to LPR. During Plotnitsky-Pasechnik referred to the conflict in the autumn of 2015 Kornet also chose the side, "the Minister of the MGB." After Plotnitsky statements about trying to "coup" on September 21, the coordinator of the group "Information Resistance" MP Dmitry Tymchuk said that between these parties escalates the confrontation on the grounds of establishing control over the flow of contraband from Russia. At the end of September, Kornet and his team were allegedly detained and sent "in the basement."

The fourth person involved in "coup" is the ex-head of the "LPR parliament" Aleksei Karjakin. However, representatives of the September 24 "LPR Attorney General" during the press conference, it was confirmed his attitude towards the organization of "putsch". It was also noted that "the motive coup was a reaction to the actions of the head of LPR and other executive bodies of the republic to prevent the illegal businesses and smuggling." From this it becomes clear that the "GP LPR" brings together all the above-mentioned persons in a "bundle". And because any Karjakin is "the most dark horse" of all the "rebels" and its "shadow" matters simply do not know anything, or the head of the "LPR" just decided to deal with all their "enemies" at the same time using a single drive. However, this is a slightly different version.

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According to the official version of "LPR" tops on these faces group of conspirators against Plotnitsky ends. However, in early October there was another event that proves the story of "contraband wars" in “LPR.”

October2, Armen ("Buggy") Baghiryan was killed together with his deputy and another militant.

Ukrainian volunteer Rodion Shovkoshitny said that Baghiryan controlled the crossing of the river Siversky Donets in the area controlled by him Slavyanoserbsk. With this he allegedly committed the smuggling of drugs and jewelry from the factory "Agat," Rovenky, Lugansk region., On the territory of Ukraine. He was engaged in this "Buggy" under the protection of the very "Interior Minister of LPR" Kornet, who is related to the "coup" and another strongman "republic" - Minister "MGB LPR" Pasechnik. The relationship of these two is already described above. And if the information about the "protection racket" Kornet and Pasechnik "Buggy" from his drugs trafic true, the deaths of the latter is entirely logical in view of the recent events in the "LPR". Another question: why Pasechnik, who in 2015 conflicts with the current leader of the "LPR" and also could be in the "revolutionaries" of detainees is still "in service"? The most likely cause, which is discussed in social networks, there is his Kremlin patrons of the FSB, who constantly stands up for him in front of Plotnitsky.

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Version 2. Elimination of political opponents

The main protagonists of this version is almost all the same: Gennady Tsypkalov Alexei Karjakin, Leonid Pasechnik, etc. And these are the reasons for dissatisfaction carpenter named "faces" several others.

The fact that all these people were at the origin of "Luhansk People's Republic".

For example, the victim Tsypkalov the beginning of "Russian Spring" in April-May of 2014 held the position of "first deputy chairman of LPR", which was then Valery Bolotov. A few days Tsypkalov even served as "chairman" in the period of his absence. And when, in August of the same year to replace Bolotov Carpenter came, took the chairman's seat Tsypkalov "LPR Council of Ministers."

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In turn, Alex Karjakin also in May 2014 he was elected "chairman of the People's Council of LPR."

In other words, the leader of the "Republic" and the head of the "executive" and "legislative" branches "of power" in the "LPR" from the very beginning is in a "harness". And its name is "The Peace to Luhansk", which is the "ruling" party in the "republic." Standing side by side, called "officials" with billboards urged local residents to come to the "elections" in "LPR".

However, historically, the party split when the ambitions of individual participants prevail over the desire to obey the leader. In democratic countries, this leads to a split in the party and the establishment of several new ones. And in such a formation as "LPR," which means "cleansing" of the opponents. In other words, Plotnitsky decided just to prevent a split or, more likely, the seizure of power in advance by removing all the possible strong competitors. And he began with close associates.

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Karjakin has held his position until March until was dismissed on the proposal of deputies and controlled carpentry stripped of parliamentary powers. The official reason was the "inability to organize a proper work of the parliament."

But the reason to shift Tsypkalov appeared during that same conflict with "the Minister of the MGB," Pasechnik. The rest was just a matter of time.

Leonid Pasechnik himself as the representative of power wing "republic", especially with strong backers in Russia presents a serious threat to the leader of the "LPR". After all, in order to retain power, it is enough to remove political rivals. We need to show strength and fix the result. And for this Plotnitsky wants to have under his control "militants". Pasechnik or Kornet do not meet this criterion. Bright is shown the situation with the detention of "ex-Minister of Fuel, Energy and Mines of LPR" Dmitry Lyamin. In October 2015, at the direction of "the Minister of the MGB," the latter was arrested and charged with cooperation with the Ukrainian oligarchs, coal smuggling and several other charges.

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To understand that the current "head of LPR" seeks at all costs and in all circumstances to stay in his chair, do not have to "go to a fortune." However, the question remains: why the active phase of the "cleansing" of the opponents started right now?

Version 3. The end of the war is unprofitable

September 21, Trilateral contact group in Minsk receives another important document - the Framework Agreement. At the first stage, it provides breeding of all forces and means on both sides of the conflict in Donbas region in three villages: Stanytsia Luhanska, Zolote (Luhansk region), and Petrovske in Donetsk region. On the same day, "the head of the LPR" said on preventing attempts to seize power in the "republic." Coincidence? Or someone in the occupied Luhansk finds the end the war unprofitable?

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According to the text of the Framework Agreement, the areas of these settlements will play a vital force and all weapons from both the Ukrainian military and the militants "republics". As a result, areas should form an area of several square kilometers, completely free from war.

Minsk process aimed at a peaceful settlement of the situation in Donbas. And the said agreement can actually be a major step towards the cessation of hostilities. The last meeting of "Norman Quartet", which was held in Berlin on October 19 fully confirms this, because in addition to the decision to develop a "road map" implementation of the Minsk agreements leaders have agreed to set up four more zones dilution forces.

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But not for all the world to the east of Ukraine is a major and desirable goal. After all, "to whom the war, and to whom - native mother." There are those who make armed conflict in our country, unceremoniously taking advantage of all the privileges of the uncontrollability of the eastern part of the Ukrainian-Russian border and occupied the Donbas. For them, the end of the war would mean only one thing - the loss of a powerful source of illegal income.

As is known, the distance between Slavyanoserbsk, "commander" who was killed Baghiryan, and villages of Lugansk is some 40 km away. Both village located on the Seversky Donets, which is actively used by "buggy" for smuggling. And Cossack village becomes one of the first settlements, where the planned withdrawal of forces and means on both sides of the conflict. And since the framework agreement provides that Golden, villages and of Peter - is only the first point where the dilution of powers, the worry Luhansk "drug lord" Bagiryanu and patrons of the law enforcement agencies "LPR" was clearly what will happen.

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Thus, representatives of the power wing of "republic" Pasechnik and Kornet, apparently decided to shift Plotnitsky. Because if you eliminate the one who negotiated in Minsk, and the obligation cannot be performed. Obviously, Luhansk scenario putsch had to wear a classic character. "Brain" of the operation - political leaders Tsypkalov and Karjakin. Their support Pasechnik already used in October of 2015. "Hands" - militants Kiselev and Kornet.

Version 4. Putin and the FSB "make order"

It is known that no decision in the "republics" is not taken without the knowledge of Russian "curators". So the 'Kremlin factor' should be mandatory. As Plotnitsky needs controlled by the environment in the "LPR", and Russia needs a fully controlled themselves "republic" with their "officials" and militants.

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But in LPR and DPR there are people who know too much and can significantly harm the image of Russia, if their "languages unleash" in the wrong place. And yet there are those who still firmly believes in the "Russian Spring", "New Russia" and God knows what else fudge. Such "believers" were useful for RF in spring of 2014 for the occupation of Crimea and Donbas. But over time, these people become more and more difficult to control and benefit from their fanaticism is getting smaller.

In support of this can result in the killing of the head of "Oplot" Evgeny Zhilin, who was an active opponent of the dignity of the Revolution. Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Zorian Shkiryak also of the opinion that Zilin could be killed the Russian special services, because it was a valuable witness against Russian crimes in Ukraine.

Gennady Tsypkalov, one of the "founders" "LPR," may also possess a sufficient number of "sensitive" information to get into favor with the Russian Federation. Especially after the outbreak of the conflict with the carpentry.

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According to various media reports, "Buggy" and "Motorola" arrived in Ukraine at the beginning of the war to defend the "Russian world". In return, they found the death here, because nobody wants fanatical militants, who in addition to his "dirty" cases can not yet submit to leaders at the crucial moment. Besides, sooner or later, it is sure to end the war. And cunning "Republican" politicians will find a way myself "to wash." Cannot be said about the "ideological" insurgents, who in any case would not be subject to rehabilitation.

Version 5. It is Ukraine!

And, of course, on the classics of the genre, at least one of the versions must be directly opposite the other. It would therefore be right at least to assume that the "revolutions" in the "LPR" and the death of the separatists in the two "republics" is the Ukrainian side. After all, it is the most favorite version of the militants themselves.

So, during his statements about trying to "coup" in Luhansk Plotnitsky noted that "here is not the fact of the coup in "LPR" as a precedent allegedly Ukrainian people disturbances and under it all had to go to the Ukrainian army."  In support of this statement can also cause "former parliamentarian",  Alexei Karjakin. The latter, in his Facebook said that "there is no New Russia. There is no People's Republic. Russia have betrayed. The war must stop. At the moment, I discuss the conditions. Yes, I negotiate with their former enemies, with the Ukrainian side, with respect to their fate".

Also, the network actively discussed the possible involvement of Ukrainian partisans in the deaths of militants.

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LPR and DPR can easily blame the Ukrainian side of all "mortal sins" against them. Perhaps, in some cases these charges and not far from the truth. Really want to believe that our military and intelligence agencies have penetrated deep into the heart of the "pseudorepublics" and destroy them from within. But the facts cited in support of the other versions, at least more plausible.

Finally, I want to stress once again that we are not saying that everything was exactly as described above. This is just thinking out loud, trying to connect the pieces of the big puzzle.

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