2,531 people sentenced to death in 2018

Author : International Amnesty

Source : 112 Ukraine

At least 690 executions were known to have taken place globally in 2018, a decrease of 31% compared to 2017 (at least 993)
23:06, 11 April 2019

Amnesty International

Amnesty International, a non-governmental organization focused on human rights, published a report on the use of the death penalty in the world in 2018.

In total, according to human rights activists, at least 690 people were executed in 20 countries around the world last year. Their conclusions are based on the official statistics of penitentiary agencies in different countries. In addition, human rights defenders studied information published by the media, data from those sentenced to death and relatives of those executed, court decisions and reports from other civil society organizations.

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And these conclusions are as follows: 

- At least 690 executions were known to have taken place globally in 2018, a decrease of 31% compared to 2017 (at least 993).

- Data from China is not considered, because there are no official statistics.

- However, according to Amnesty, China leads in the number of executions (more than a thousand). In China, 46 crimes are reasons for execution. Including corruption.

- Bangladesh, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, Malaysia, and Palestine – these countries used the death penalty in 2017, in 2018 not a single death sentence was carried out there.

- The only country in Europe where the death penalty is applied is Belarus. According to human rights activists, at least four people were executed there in 2018.


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Who are they

“Two death row prisoners are believed to have been executed in Belarus in May. During his Supreme Court hearing in May, death row prisoner Viachaslau Sukharko declared that on the night of 15-16 May, Aliaksei Mikhalenya and Viktar Liotau had been taken away from their cells and never returned. By the end of 2018, the Belarusian authorities had not confirmed the executions of the two men. They had been sentenced to death in separate cases in 2017 after being found guilty of murder,” the report said.

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According to the report of human rights defenders, “in November, Ihar Hershankou and Siamion Berazhnoy were executed, without prior notification, after having been convicted and sentenced to death in July 2017 for murder, kidnapping, embezzlement, drug possession and falsification of documents. The executions followed a decision in July 2018 by the Supreme Court of Belarus to uphold their death sentences, after the same Court had – in an unprecedented move one month earlier – agreed to review their cases following an appeal claiming that there had been procedural violations in their case. The Court ruled that such violations had not taken place. The prisoners’ families confirmed the executions.”

Key theses

-In 2018, 2,531 people were sentenced to death in 54 countries around the world.

- At least 19,336 prisoners are kept on death row all over the world.

- In 29 countries of the world, death sentences were replaced by another type of punishment (in particular, life imprisonment or urgent imprisonment).

- Hanging and shooting are the most frequent methods of the prosecution. Deadly injections are also used.

- In October 2018, the death penalty law was abolished in the US state of Washington.

- In Japan, in 2018, a record number of people were executed (as for this country) – 15 persons.

- In Iran, at least 13 executions were carried out publicly, which is contrary to any standards of international law.

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- By 2018, the death penalty is completely abolished in 106 countries. Eight countries have kept it as an “exceptional measure” for war crimes.

- Eight people were acquitted or rehabilitated: two in the United States, one in Egypt, three in Kuwait and two in Malawi.

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