10th GogolFest has commenced in Kyiv: Photoreport

Author : Anastasia Mitina

Source : 112 Ukraine

Guests of the festival could visit a 4-story ArkSquat, which will be demolished after the end of the festival. Few activists with "GogolFest are perpetrators of illegal seizures!" picket sign gathered at the entrance to the "Dovzhenko-Center"
18:55, 11 September 2017

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September 7, the 10th annual multidisciplinary international festival of contemporary art and cinema GogolFest started in Kyiv. Guests of the festival were hosted by "Dovzhenko-Center." In total, Gogolfest 2017 territory includes 3 sites: VDNH, Dovzhenko Centre and new Theatre on Podol. Red program events are to be paid separately, they are to be held in the center of contemporary art "Dah" and the club Sentrum.

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On the first day, the visitors could watch documentary films about the festival and attend the performance of "Theater-Pralnia". The audience came earlier, because everyone was interested to wander in a half-abandoned building, was turned into an ArkSquat just before GogolFest beginning. This is the most ambitious project of this festival. 

Unique Gogolfest ArkSquat project placed on Dovzhenko center site, 4-floored building where Ukrainian and European artists’ installations will be created and art labs will be as well as various visual events and a theatre program in still-functioning bomb shelter. ArkSquat will work 24/7 for the duration of GogolFest and will be demolished together with all installation (whole festival, Dovzhenko center)

The rooms and corridors of the four-story building that used to be the premise of the animated studio "Borysfen" were given to artists and sculptors who live there. After the end of the fest, the building will be demolished (in order to build a housing complex on that place – Ed.). This decision was made long before GogolFest. Several people with picket sign "GogolFest are perpetrators of illegal seizures!" gathered at the entrance to the "Dovzhenko-Center." They believe that the building was given to the artists to divert attention from the subsequent demolition and "legitimize" these processes. 

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This year the territory of the festival is more compact than in the past years, when GogolFest was hosted by "Platforma" art plant. First, the guests enter the big hall with information center and several bars. Then they come to an inner yard with a stage. After that the visitors might get to the squat, and one more scene is located at the entrance. The first performance took place right here. The festival opened with the music project of Vlad Troitsky "TseSho" (‘Wazzat’) project, where trash world of apocalyptic information which charges on us and in which we all live is skillfully shown as a concert-play.

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