Ukraine on 44th place in Europe by number of homicides per 100,000 people

50 European countries were rated by the World Health Organization

12:47, 19 May 2017

According to the World Health Organization, Ukraine is on the 44th place by the number of homicides per 100 thousand of population. In total, 50 European countries were rated by the Organization in its report.

World Health Organization noted in its report on global health statistics that in 2015 the ratio of homicides to the population of 100,000 people in Ukraine is fixed at 6 percent.

The lowest homicide rates in Europe were recorded in: Luxembourg (0.4%), Slovenia (0.6%), Switzerland (0.6%), Germany (0.7%), Netherlands (0.7%), Norway (0.7%), Spain (0.8%), the Czech Republic (0.9%), France (0.9%), Ireland (0.9%).

The highest homicide rates in Europe, according to the WHO are recorded in: Turkmenistan (4.2%), Estonia (4.4%), Moldova (5.5%), Belarus (6.2%), Latvia (6.7% %), Lithuania (6.8%), Kirghizia (7.7%), Kazakhstan (9.0%), and Russian Federation (10.3%).

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